Friday, July 23, 2010

Some Recent Headlines

Could Diabetes Be in Your Bones? Link Between Metabolic Disease, Bone Mass; Breakdown of Bone Keeps Blood Sugar in Check -

New Role for Master Regulator in Cell Metabolism, Response to Stress: Clinical Implications for Obesity, Diabetes and Cancer Research -

Mice Essentially 'Cured' of Mild Diabetes With Enzyme -

Low Vitamin D Linked to the Metabolic Syndrome in Elderly People -

When Food Intake Stops, Enzyme Turns Off Production of Fats, Cholesterol -

Gestational Diabetes Linked to Serotonin and Dietary Protein -

Mothers' High Blood Sugar in Pregnancy Is Linked to Children's Reduced Insulin Sensitivity -

Well-Defined Quantity of Antioxidants in Diet Can Improve Insulin Resistance, Study Finds

Poor Control of Diabetes May Be Linked to Low Vitamin D -

Many People With Diabetes Do Not Know or Heed Dangers of Hot Weather -

Fructose Sugar Makes Maturing Human Fat Cells Fatter, Less Insulin-Sensitive, Study Finds -

Circadian Clock in Pancreas Directly Linked to Diabetes -

Bariatric Surgery in Diabetic Adults Improves Insulin Sensitivity Better Than Diet, Study Finds -

Insulin Peptide May Point to a Solution for Type 1 Diabetes -

Scientists Find Hormone Influences Sensitivity to Sweetness -

Diabetic Potential to Create Own Insulin: Type 1 Diabetes Patients Attempt to Replenish Beta Cells -

New Associations Between Diabetes, Environmental Factors Found by Novel Analytic Technique -