Sunday, February 26, 2012

Stuff You Should Read....

A compilation of articles I've come across this past week that I particularly enjoyed and wanted to share. Hit the jump for the rest of this week's goodies.

A New Way To Eat - T-Nation.

Another nail in the coffin for the tired 5-6 meals
per day dogma. Pretty much mirrors my experiences exactly minus the shameless plug for his company's supplements at the end, but I begrudge no one the opportunity to make a living.

Chin-Up Progressions for Women (The One Rep Hump) – Part I - Tony Gentilcore.

Been reading Tony's stuff for years now, great content as always. If you are looking to do your first ever pull-up, this is a great place to start.

Strength Training Programs: Are Pull-ups THAT Essential? - Eric Cressey.

Another great read on pull-ups. May be a little technical for some, but great info and insight as always from EC. Reading this guy's stuff has helped me 'fix' a lot of people's shoulders over the past few years.

Diabetes May Start in the Intestines, Research Suggests -

Perhaps making a nice case for taking a quality pro-biotic supplement? I've taken them off and on over the years, but never really tracked what effect they may have had or not have. Looks like I have a new experiment to try!

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