Sunday, April 1, 2012

Well Maybe "The Standard Treatment" Sucks?!?!

Bariatric Surgery Dramatically Outperforms Standard Treatment for Type 2 Diabetes -

To see how this is another example of a severely misguided and just plain false headline and soundbite, visit here.

"After 12 months, a normal HbA1c (less than 6.0) was achieved in 42.6 percent of patients who underwent gastric bypass and 36.7 percent of patients who underwent sleeve surgery..."

You don't have to be a math wiz to see that results in LESS THAN HALF the people who spent thousands of dollars and had a 'chunks of their stomachs amputated' had 'success'. I would hate to see these people balance a checkbook.

Perhaps the larger issue is - as the title suggests - is that the standard treatment sucks? Hint: You aren't doing yourselves any favors by eating whole grains. Sorry, the difference between that and good ol' white bread is negligible. Just dump grains period best you can, whole or not. Why? Not all that nutrient dense for starters. Anything that has to be 'enriched' in the first place, well.....The same goes for eating products labled 'low-sugar', 'low-fat', 'diabetic friendly', or those containing artificial sweeteners. These products are filled with countless chemicals and other fillers that harm the body just the same.

The solution? Eat real, unprocessed, nutrient dense foods! What that means practically for you when shopping at the grocery is stick to those items on the perimeter of the store:

  • Produce
  • Meat
  • Dairy
These items have no fancy packaging or even food labels at all in many cases. The higher quality you can afford the better, this is your health afterall. The only exceptions might be frozen vegetables...I'd even be weary of canned vegetables due to the BPA's in the can liners leeching into the food. For more info on managing and/or preventing diabetes check here.

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