Friday, December 28, 2012

Guide To Surviving The Holiday(Eating) Season

1.     Relax. Enjoy.

Most Fattening Thanksgiving Foods. Top 10 Worst Christmas Foods. Every year the same headlines, right?!? I say – Who cares?!?! Results from sound nutrition come from what you practice the MAJORITY of the time, not ALL of the time. The average person will eat approximately 1200 meals in a year (365 days x 3 meals/day). Of these 1200 meals, Thanksgiving and Christmas Dinners will account for a grand total of TWO of them. 1200 or 2……which one do you think carries more weight? Worry about the choices you are making on those other 1198 meals and enjoy the time and food with your loved ones they way you are meant to – seems like an easier and more enjoyable way to go about life to me.


2.     Create a Buffer

Just as many people struggle with simple checks and balances when it comes to their finances, it comes as no surprise people struggle with this same simple concept when it comes to nutrition. When Thanksgiving and Christmas meal times come around, you KNOW you are going to indulge. Take advantage of this advanced notice and plan accordingly. Eat light, or even not at all, during the day leading up to your planned feast. Most people find it easier to cut calories and make better choices during the day if they know they will be able to feast later in the day.           


3.     Prioritize Protein  

Protein is rated significantly higher than both carbohydrates and fat in terms of hunger suppression/satiety, as well as Thermic Effect of Feeding (TEF).  The latter just a fancy way of saying your body has to work much harder to store excess as fat.  By focusing on whole protein choices first and then adding fat and carbohydrates to taste, you’ll feel fuller and more satisfied by the time those ‘evil’ foods make their rounds around the table.


4.     Choose Wisely

Let’s face it, there are countless opportunities to ‘cheat’ and make poor choices this time of year. And make no mistake, we are going to do just that. So let's be practical......The more choices we are given, the more we will likely overeat.  The trick here is to limit choices, not quantities. Instead of going all Gangnam Style on the buffet, pick your absolute favorite 1 or 2 indulgences and have at it. It's simply not worth falling off the wagon for chips and store bought candy littered throughout the office as compared to the delicious home-made apple pie Auntie May unleashes every year right?

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