Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Free-Tip Tuesday Volume L: Can The BPA (and cans)

BPA, or bisphenol-A, is a substance frequently used to harden plastics in such things as baby bottles, food storage containers, and water bottles. It is also found in the lining of many canned goods as an anti-corrosion agent.

So what's the big deal with BPA? Well, in just this year alone, BPA has been linked to the following:

- obesity (partic...ularly with pre-natal exposure, adolescent females as well)
- prostate, breast, and uterine cancers (once again, particularly with pre-natal exposure)
- undescended testicles in boys (pre-natal exposure once again)
- asthma
- compromised tooth enamel

It's probably a good bet as more time passes even more health maladies will be connected to BPA.

Action plan: Avoid plastics and canned goods as much as possible and utilize glassware and fresh produce as opposed to the canned variety. I hopefully shouldn't have to advise avoiding Chef Boyardee at this point!

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