Friday, January 27, 2012

Random Thoughts....

My random thoughts in response to a mainstream health article from this past week. The following article from Yahoo was written by an RD dispelling the long held myth that 6 small meals per day is any better than 3. Gasp. Which Will Help Me Slim Down—6 Mini Meals or 3 Squares? - Yahoo

From the article...

"...Many experts say it's best to eat mini meals every few hours. The idea behind it is this: eating frequently may help curb your appetite and stabilize your blood sugar-preventing the dips that leave you feeling hungry-which makes slimming down more doable."

Well if the 'experts' say it then it must be true.....

"...But recent research, published in the journal Obesity, suggests that grazing on multiple mini meals won't promote weight loss any more than sticking to three squares. When overweight or obese dieters spread a very-low-calorie diet over six meals, their appetite and hunger were no different than when they ate the same diet in three daily meals."

Hmmm, so who exactly are these 'experts' anyway?

Then it gets even better.

"...And, truth be told, these findings support older, similar research."

So let me get this straight - we've already had existing research disputing this myth of small frequent meals doing anything that the 'experts' have been proclaiming they do for years, yet they have continued to regurgitate the same tired dogma again and again? Well at least we are telling the truth now.

All in all though, an RD finally dispelling this myth is progress in my book. The author finishes up the article quite well with the following take home point:

"How much you eat is more important than how often you eat."

Couldn't have said it better myself.

The question I pose to all of you is - would you find it logically more likely to over-eat for the day on 6 meals, or 3?

Those of you who have been around already know my answer. My take home message:


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