Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Free-Tip Tuesday Volume XXVVI: Fat Facts

Free-Tip Tuesday Volume XXVVI: Fat Facts

This week we'll wrap up coverage of the meal time quiz by discussing question #5 - "Are you including enough healthy fats?"

First, what are health fats? Sometimes it is easier to define what someth...ing is NOT. Healthy fats, just like all other food sources, are NOT PROCESSED. So butter, lard, beef tallow, coconut oil, etc. are all good choices. Bad choices include industrial seed and vegetable oils: safflower, sunflower, etc.

While we have been told for decades that saturated fats increase risk of heart disease and turn mogwai into gremlins, the fact is no evidence to suggest either is true actually exists. One of the great crimes against the American food supply.

Evidence does exist, however, that replacing those un-processed and natural saturated fats with the aforementioned industrial seed oil high in omega-6 fat content DOES INCREASE ALL DEATH MORTALITY. Check the following link for a recently released study:


Beyond that, sufficient healthy fat intake is necessary for good health. In fact, a healthy brain contains greater than 60% fat. Fat is also essential for maintaining optimal hormone production, healthy skin, hair, joints, and energy.

Bottom line: Don't go out of your way to either avoid or add extra fat to your diet. The amounts found naturally in animal products generally will be enough to maintain healthy function. Todays' information is not license to abitrarily add bacon and butter to every dish.

Bonus Tip: Restaurants most often cook with the aforementioned processed industrial seed oils. Limit eating out, or request your meals be prepared in butter, olive oil, and rendered pork fat to reduce your exposure.

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