Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Free-Tip Tuesday Volume XXVV: Veggie Tales

Most nutrition and weight-loss discussions center around what you CAN'T eat, or what you should eat LESS of. Today, we'll discuss what you probably need to eat MORE of - vegetables.

Based on a 3 meal per day plan, aim for 2-3 palm or fist-sized portions per meal. This will take up approximately half to two-thirds of your plate. Salads; or grilled, steam...ed, or sauteed vegetables are all great choices - choose the method you like best to assist with adherence.

Action plan: Simply start eating more vegetables than you are now.

Afterall, how many people have you heard comment that they struggle with their weight because the often eat too many vegetables?!?

Unless of course, you count pizza as a vegetable like the US Government does as part of your children's school lunch program.......

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