Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Free-Tip Tuesday Volume XXVIV: Sugar & Starch Simplified

This weeks' tip tackles question #3 from the meal-time quiz - "Are you eating too many sugars and starches." In short - probably so. So how much is enough?

Let's start with identifying common sources of both sugars and starches in the typical American diet. Starches include, pasta, bread, potatoes, rice, corn, and grains (yes, even 'heart-healthy' whole grains)....

Excess sugar often comes from sources such as pop/soda, dressings/sauces, sweets/snacks, and fruit juices. In fact, one 8 oz. serving of orange juice almost contains the recommended daily allowance of added sugar for an ENTIRE DAY. And who drinks out of - or even owns - an 8 oz. glass these days?

So how much sugar or starch should one eat? The answer, like all dietary recommendations, depends on a variety of factors. Current weight/bodyfat percentage, goals, physical activity intensity and duration are just a few that we take into account in order to arrive at an amount appropriate for YOU - the individual.

It's simply illogical to recommend an entire population eat the same amount without taking these and other variables into account.

So again, how much sugar and starch should you eat?

Most simply put - less than you do now.

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