Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Free-Tip Tuesday Volume XLVIII: Make It Better

Far too often, myself included, we get caught up in searching for 'perfect'. The perfect diet. The perfect workout. Etc. While this is admirable on one level, it also often produces paralysis by analysis and frustration on another.

Sometimes....we just need to 'make it better.'

Maybe you weren't as active as much as you wished, but perhaps you sat 30 minutes less than you did the day before.

Maybe your diet wasn't what you wished this week, but you did swap out that tired breakfast cereal for an omelet 1 or 2 extra mornings this week.

Maybe you weren't able to add weight or reps to your deadlift, but your technique was crisper.

While none of these may be considered 'perfect' or 'optimal', I think we can agree they all bring you closer to your goals as opposed to farther - and the bottom line is that is what matters.

So, what are you going to 'make better' today?

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