Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Free-Tip Tuesday Volume XLVII: PLAY

How many of us can remember how easy it was to keep a healthy weight when we were kids? While many things have changed since then, one of the big ones is that we no longer PLAY. This week's tip provides a number of ways to reintroduce this simple, but highly effective practice back into you life no matter your situation. After all, Pittsburgh isn't going to have weather like today all to often - TAKE ADVANTAGE!

1. Walking/Hiking. Whether it's North or South Park in the suburbs, or Frick, Schenley, and Highland Parks in the city; there are miles of trails to walk and hike within minutes. For those wanting to venture a bit further out, McConnell's Mill, Moraine, and Ohiopyle State Parks also offer miles and miles of nature trails to explore. North Park now also offers a brand new Zip-line course!

2. Biking. In addition to all of the locations listed above, The Three Rivers Heritage Trail system offers a plethora of picturesque rides alongside our river system with minimal grades friendly to all ability levels. For those looking for more of a challenge, the newly completed Great Allegheny Passage Trail now connects Pittsburgh to Washington, D.C. without interruption.

3. Boating. Whether it's canoes, rowboats, or kayaking - there are plenty of options to take advantage of the waterways in and around the Pittsburgh areas. Venture Outdoors is a local operation that offers kayaking both downtown in the three rivers as well as North Park. Boat rentals are also available in Moraine State Park for use on Lake Arthur.

4. Training Outdoors. Yes, some of us consider training as play! For those of us under that umbrella, this time of year offers the added advantage of taking the bodyweight and movement skills we've learned in classes here at Pittsburgh Kettlebells outdoors to practice in the fresh air with the sunshine on our faces. They don't refer to kettelbells as the 'hand-held gym' for nothing!

Play with your friends, play with your spouse, play with your kids....just PLAY!

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