Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Free-Tip Tuesday Volume XLII: TRAINING vs. 'Working out'

The same exercises. In the same order. Using the same weights. Undergoing this practice, as so many do, should leave no wonder why body composition also remains the same. You get out what you put in.

The most fundamental principle of exercise is that of progressive overload, gradually and systematically increasing proficiency in one or more ...variables over time.

Ask yourself - is this 'better' than I did last time? If it's not, something must change. "Better" can manifest in a number of ways. Heavier loads. Larger training volumes. Increased frequency. Performing the same work in less time. Using a more difficult variation of the same exercise. Your specific goals will dictate which of those is most important.

"Working out" is random with no plan or specific outcome, other than to 'feel tired.' TRAINING on the other hand, has a specific plan in place with clearly defined outcomes. One should feel stronger, faster, more powerful, and/or energized, feelings which are backed up by the pure numbers behind them.

You don't just feel that way, you ARE that way.

TRAINING has PURPOSE. Working out, well.....doesn't. Quite boring if you ask me.

So ask yourself - is this 'better' than I did last time?

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