Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Free-Tip Tuesday Volume XXXVIV: Nutrition Resources

Last week we gave you some of our top strength training resources, this week we'll shift the focus to nutrition. Without further adieu:

Girth Control - Alan Aragon

Primal Blueprint - Mark Sisson

The Schwarzbein Principle - Diana Schwarzbein

While similar to last week's resources these 3 books may seem very different on the surface - in actuality the principles which guide them all are quite similar. Last week's strength training examples all championed using compound movements and the principle of progressive overload despite the 'tool' being used to accomplish it.

This week, despite the minor differences in application, the bottom line is all three authors advocate:

1. Eating Real Food and NOT "Food Products"
2. Ensuring Adequate Protein Intake
3. Combining #1's & 2 in order to create a REASONABLE caloric deficit

We understand there is a bunch of conflicting and confusing advice out there as it pertains to fitness and nutrition, and that's why at PGH KB it's our mission to teach and educate you how to sift through the BS and look for the similarities as opposed to trivial differences.

As the saying goes: METHODS are many, PRINCIPLES are few.

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