Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Free-Tip Tuesday Volume XXXXI: Wanna lose weight?

Free-Tip Tuesday Volume XXXXI: Wanna lose weight?

No you don't.
Say what?!?!?!

What you really want to lose is 'FAT'. If you simply want to lose 'weight', then this can be easily achieved by cutting off a limb, contracting a stomach flu, or chemotherapy. Not exactly attractive options in my humble opinion.

This is why the system we use at Pittsburgh Kettlebells is named the Hierarchy of FAT Loss, and not the Hierarchy of WEIGHT loss. As you can see from the above examples, it's kind of an important distinction. Taking into account the difference of fat mass versus lean mass, and making improvements to BOTH, is how true body composition change occurs.

The largest limiting factor in this transformation is nutrition, as exercise alone will only yield .5-1 pound of true FAT loss per month. The problem is upwards of 50% of people who begin a nutrition program end up dropping out before it's completion. This is often due to the fact the methods being used were simply not practical or sustainable.

If you would like to avoid these pitfalls and frustrations you've likely experienced in this past, and obtain up to 10x better RESULTS, then Pittsburgh Kettlebells is excited to announce that we will soon once again be offering you access to the same superior methods that the pro's use by becoming only the second facility in the Pittsburgh area licensed to provide the Precision Nutrition Coaching Program!

Developed by Dr. John Berardi, The Precision Nutrition system has been used by teams in the NBA, NFL, NCAA just to name a few.

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