Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Monday (Fitness)Massacre - Trainers Behaving Badly Vol. 5 (11/12/13)

Monday (Fitness)Massacre - Trainers Behaving Badly Vol. 5
Spending as many hours in the gym as I do on a daily basis, I'm afforded no shortage in sights of things that just make you shake your head. Unfortunately, quite often these sights are complete with a fitness 'professional' standing right there supervising the whole ordeal. I've decided the instead of standing silent and shaking my head, i...t would be better to call attention to said sights in order to educate my peeps.

This Week's Winner: (Cutting)cookies is suitable for Christmas, but not for training.

Today I saw no less than 3 'trainers' have their clients - all of drastically different age and ability levels, and undoubtedly different goals - perform the same exact exercises as each other. Same weights. Same reps. Same everything. It was clear these individuals had simply copied what they just witnessed performed by another 'trainer's' client the hour previous and thought - "Hey that looks cool, I think I'll have my next 5 clients do that too".

Never mind that the exercise may be beyond/below this individual's skill/ability level, or conflicts with their goals, or worst yet that you have no idea how to coach it because you have never done it before you saw it 20 minutes ago.

Each exercise being performed should have a specific purpose - if it doesn't then why spend time doing it? Additionally, the version of said exercise should be congruent with your ability and modified to a more difficult or easier version if necessary. This is what is meant by individualized programming.

Again - you can do what looks cool, or you can get better.

Don't be afraid to ask - "And why are we doing this exercise?" You should be able to receive a prompt and clear answer - if not - keep probing. It's your body/health!

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