Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Monday (Fitness)Massacre - Trainers Behaving Badly Vol. 8 (12/16/13)

Monday (Fitness)Massacre - Trainers Behaving Badly Vol. 8

Spending as many hours in the gym as I do on a daily basis, I'm afforded no shortage in sights of things that just make you shake your head. Unfortunately, quite often these sights are complete with a fitness 'professional' standing right there supervising the whole ordeal. I've decided the instead of standing silent and shaking my head, i...t would be better to call attention to said sights in order to educate my peeps.

This Week's 'Winner': Up-right Rows

Really? People still do these? I thought they went extinct with things like behind the neck pulldowns/presses, Zubaz, and LA Gear sneakers. But if the 'infestation' of said movement I've witnessed over the past 2 weeks in particular is any indication - boy was I wrong!

This exercise is particularly hazardous for those our there with Type II or Type III acromion processes. How much you want to bet NONE of the people I've seen performing up-right rows were assessed in any way to rule this out?

Additionally, why bother performing such an ineffective exercise in the first place when there are a plethora of superior alternatives such as overhead presses, shrugs, farmers carries, cleans, snatches, etc.?

Check the link for a video explaining why most are best served avoiding performing this potentially dangerous exercise.

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