Thursday, March 4, 2010

Stomaching Diabetes

Just thinking out loud for a bit...

Two articles I came across today:

Georgetown Hoyas' leading scorer has diabetes -


Book deal is sweet success for Stacey Harris a local 'Diabetic Pastry Chef' - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

What I found interesting about the above articles is that in both cases the people in question were originally admitted/treated for a "stomach virus", and a "stomach ailment", respectively. Go in for a tummy ache; come out with diabetes. I found the similarity odd, as I have never had a stomach issue in the 3+ years I have dealt with high glucose/diabetes. I have no idea what significance, if any, there is to this...just food for thought I suppose.

UPDATE: Thinking back, I did have one 3-4 day stretch where I DEFINATELY had a stomach bug ( I had the super-flu!) - but it was at least 2 years after I first already had noticed my blood sugar issues. I want to say it was last year actually. It was something passed around at work. That is the last time I remember being sick at all in years; and I seem to remember not being effected as severely as some of my co-workers. Completely un-related in my opinion, but I figured full-disclosure(well, as much as you wanted about the specifics about what happens when you have the flu on steroids) was best.

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