Tuesday, April 13, 2010

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Two gems (note:sarcasm) from today's Wall Street Journal.....

First, A New Way to Lose Weight? discusses the latest red herring in obesity research - brown fat. While Regulators to Review New Drugs to Curb Appetite previews the possible FDA approval of 3 new "anti-obesity" drugs.

In regards to the former, researchers think they may have "one solution to curbing obesity". So what might this possibly amazing new discovery be?

Wait for it.... Wait for it.....

Essentially, turn down the thermostat. The belief is that by exposing people to colder temperatures that it will prompt our bodies to generate more heat by up-regulation of brown fat. Brown fat is a substance previously thought to only exist in humans as babies and then "shed" as we grew older. Brown fat is purported to use energy as opposed to traditional white fat's role of storing it.

Are you WOW'd yet? Yeah, me neither. Seriously, didn't we kinda go over this thing already in a way with that whole drink ice water thing a few years back?

Surprisingly, no they did not recommend just having fatter babies so that it takes longer to shed the magical brown fat - but give it time. Of course, we are already doing that yet the rates of obesity and diabetes are still going through the roof - maybe the researchers noticed this.

Bruce Spiegelman, professor of cell biology and medicine at Harvard's Dana-Farber Cancer Center is quoted as saying "We're not trying to replace diet and exercise, but frequently they're not enough or not effective."

Well duh! Not when the dietary guidelines handed down to us by the lovely folks at the USDA, American Heart Association, American Diabetes Association, etc. are akin to - oh I don't know....HORSESHIT*! Sorry, never said this was a kid friendly show.

*(Actually, horse-poopie may be more healthy than current guidelines - especially if the horse is grass-fed! )

These are the the same people that still believe saturated fat causes heart disease. Or that canola/vegetable oils and margarine are "heart-healthy" - or healthy at all for that matter. They can also be seen extolling the virtues of low/no fat dairy products.

What's worse, the archaic dogma these organizations are repeatedly shoving down our throats heavily influences the cirriculums in our institutions of higher learning - producing a nation of RD's, MD's, and RN's full of that same......... horse-poopie when it comes to Nutritional Advice*.

*(N/A for short. Which is what you should write over the nutritional scripts given by many of these folks. As in Not Applicable in this case - the human case.)

Later on, the article finally gets to the gut of the matter - "However, whether we lose weight or not depends on whether we overcompensate by eating more food." And how or what does brown fat influence in any way, shape, or form in that regard? Well good luck with that then!

However, the true beneficiaries of such research were revealed much earlier, as the discovery of brown fat in adults "spawned hope among scientists and drug developers"! Scientists because the drug developers gave them money and something to do, and drug developers because of the boat loads of cash they may possibly bring in with their latest weight-loss panacea. $150M boat loads in US sales of ALLI just last year to be specific. You know, the one where you need to bring a change of clothes with you in case you experience a sudden case of EXPLOSIVE diarrhea!*

*(Or the Hershey Squirts as my family has always affectionately referred to them.)

You have to love the logic ( or is it arrogance?) to sell people on a cure for something you don't fully comprehend the cause of in the first place - which is probably in part because they waste so much time on studies on brown fat and the development of magical weight-loss pills in the first place. The fact that people will spend $150M for a chance to lose weight knowing full well they will probably need their diaper changed at some point in the process only further underscores the utter failure of our nutritional governing bodies - and possibly the "over-medicating" of the country in general.

I bought a weight-loss pill, and all I got was a crappy pair of Fruit of the Looms.

Now there is a way to bump up that $150M figure, can't ever have too many t-shirts!

But maybe I'm wrong, maybe they are on to something? After all, when you think about it - horse-poopie, explosive diarrhea, and brown fat are all the same colo.......ah nevermind.

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