Tuesday, April 20, 2010

If They Were Really Interested in Reducing Deaths....

Washington Post - FDA takes aim at salt content in processed food:Regulator says limits will reduce deaths, but many fear taste will suffer

"...Most salt eaten by Americans -- 77 percent -- comes from processed foods ..."

Assuming that "excess" sodium is harmful - the science is far from clear on that - the above statistic seems to suggest it would make more sense to target processed foods than simply attacking the amount of salt within them.

But I guess if we got rid of processed foods we wouldn't need the FDA anymore - and when is the last time you saw the government get smaller?

Time will tell if this is yet another misguided attempt at "saving" us.


- eggs are bad for you.
- saturated fat causes heart disease.
- red meat kills.
- butter is bad, have margarine instead!

But these are perfectly ok for you...

- high fructose corn syrup
- partially hydrogenated corn/soybean oils
- sodium nitrates/-ites

Whew! Sure glad I have Big Brother looking out for my health - aren't you?


  1. I saw that today too. My fear now is what are they going to add to make up for the "loss" of taste?

  2. One can only imagine, though chances are it's something that could only be created by men wearing long white coats!