Monday, January 11, 2010

A Few Observations and Today's Numbers...

Morning Temp: 97.3*

Fasting Glucose: 183*

* Due to Monday being an early work day, I only got about 5 hours of sleep compared to the usual 9 or so. I usually have my lowest readings monday mornings due to less time for gluconeogenesis to occur. Not sure what's up with the drop in temp.

Bodyweight was already up to 197 this morning; up approximately 13 lbs. from my lowest of 184ish within the past month. Up 8 lbs. in the last week since starting my sorry excuse version of HED. Bodyfat was only up 2% to 15.5 measured with bioimpedance. The weight increase is most likely a large reason why training yesterday felt so easy. Really easy. A welcome change after getting weaker and weaker over the past few months.

Some interesting observations....

  • The 183 this morning is only 22 points higher than the 161 from last monday(1/4) with the same sleep parameters despite....
  • last week(1/3) I took 15 units of novalin-r throughout the day as compared to only 10 yesterday.
  • Additionally on 1/3 I consumed at one time or another meals containing a pear, a handful of grapes, 1 metabolic drive bar and about 3 handfuls of chocolate covered raisins.
  • Overall, yesterday I ingested 130g more carbohydrates, 1200 more calories, and used 5 units less novalin-r as compared to 1 week ago; yet had a fasted reading the following morning only 22 points higher.
Just comparing the last 2 days....
  • total calories were about the same
  • ingested approximately 48g more carbohydrates on 1/10 as compared to 1/9
  • used 10 units of novalin-r on 1/10 as compared to 15 on 1/9
  • last 2 hour post-prandial reading of the day was 107 points lower on 1/10 as compared to 1/9 despite using less insulin and eating more carbohydrates
  • fasting level for the morning following 1/10 was 34 points lower than the morning following 1/9; again despite using less insulin and eating more carbohydrates
I ran into the Doc already this morning, and will be picking up my labs later today and posting the results here. He hinted they were pretty poor, which I was expecting. After a brief conversation, he is of the opinion I have more of an issue not producing enough insulin; as opposed to being resistant to it. If true it probably would not spell good news for the HED experiement, but time will tell. Odd to develop such a thing this late in life it would seem? Surely with all the athletics I played growing up had it been present earlier it would have manifested in some way? No family history either. Not the type of special I was going for!
Back to the order of things.....
Meal #1
- 4 sausage patties
- 1 large baked potatoe
- 1 piece Ezekial Cinn/Raisin Bread
- 3 pats butter
- 500mg metformin
1 Hour Reading: 326
2 Hour Reading: 371 WTF! (followed by 5 units novalin-r)
Meal #2
- 4 oz. rotisserie chicken
- 2 pieces Ezekial Cinn/Raisin Bread
- 2 pats butter
- 1/2 Metabolic Drive bar
1 Hour Reading: In a meeting; missed
2 Hour Reading: 309
Random reading 4 hours later 30 min. before meal #3: 250
Meal #3
- 4 coleman hotdogs
- 1 piece Ezekial Bread
- 1 ear corn on cob
- 12 oz. baked red potatoes
- 1 Tablespoon olive oil
- 2 pat butter
- 1/2 Metabolic Drive Bar
- 5oomg metformin( I think?!)
1 Hour Reading: 329
2 Hour Reading: 332
Meal #4 ( 5 units novalin about 30 min. prior)
- 1/4 lb grass fed beef
- 1 oz provolone cheese
- 5 large asparagus spears
- 2 Tablespoons olive oil
- 1 piece Ezekial Bread
- 1 pat butter
- 1 1/4 cup Panera Broc/Cheddar Soup
- 12 oz pan fried potatoes (olive oil)
- 2 oz. yellow onion
- 1/4 Tablespoon organic PB
- 2 thin slices prosciutto
1 Hour Reading: 307
2 Hour Reading: 356 (followed by the usual 15 units lantus and bed)
Daily Totals: 4950 kcal
  • fat: 306g
  • carb: 352g
  • protein: 192g
Now that's some eatin'! Let's see if I pay for it tommorrow morning....


  1. I suspected an insulin deficiency right away when I saw those 2-hour postprandials higher than the 1-hour level - that and the fact that you are not overweight, are so young, and have such high bloog sugar levels. You're not just diabetic, but uber-diabetic. If you are truly insulin resistant and hyperinsulinemic, your insulin still functions but usually on a major delay. From what I understand, a typical type 2 will have a huge surge in blood sugar early on, but it typically comes crashing back down in the 2nd or 3rd hour unlike yours, which needs a space suit at levels that high.

    Interested to see what the doc says. You are a trooper Russell.

  2. Well that fits me; when I do something, I do it all the way..apparently diabetes is no exception!

    You think that's high? You should see my readings after a trip to the CBK(China Buffet King)! I guess all those years of general tso's and drinking 75-100 oz. of milk a day may have fianlly done me in. Milk was the other thing I cut out entirely 3 years ago after seeing all the information about a high incidence of type I in infants exposed to cows milk before the age of 1. Supposedly all the symptoms went away after 6 months of removal of milk from the diet. All anecdotal of course. Not sure if removing the little dairy I do eat now(the cheese you see) would do me any good.

  3. Well hopefully my trooperism will benefit somebody one day; even if it's just one lucky sob. Anyone will tell you I love to be a guinea pig.

    If I only I could get more involved in the research end of things. I could read sites and information like that which you provide for days on end and never get enough; truly fascinating. I don't really have the time or money to go to med school. They don't offer any diabetes certs for the "lay" person. In the mean time I will continue to do what I can and offer myself as a sacraficial lamb at some point.....maybe I can be in the Bodies Exhibit one day!