Monday, January 18, 2010

RIP HED and Today's Numbers....

Morning Temp: 97.5
Glucose: 213
Weight: 194.5
BF %: 14.5 (bioimpedance)

Well, after not seeing any improvement in glucose numbers over the past 2 weeks; and seeing more and more evidence I am behaving closer to Type I than Type II Diabetes....I have decided to bag the HED experiment. Unfortunate, because I truly believe it would be helpful for someone who is insulin resistant; but it appears that is not the case with me....

Still quite frustrated with being able to eat ~250-300g of carbohydrates and more often than not have better numbers(though still terrible overall) than when ingesting 150-200g; but I am thinking the size of servings may be at least partially responsible. I will look to ingest no more than 25-30g at a time and see what happens.

I was able to add ~ 10 pounds of body weight and .2-.3 of a point in body temp. Bodyfat percentage only increased 1%.

I will be adopting a fairly high fat intake(%70-80%), and will fill in the rest approximately equally between carb and protein as I move forward.

And heeeeerrreee we go...

Meal #1

- 5 sausage patties
- 5 units novalin

1 Hour: 100
2 Hour: 90

Meal #2

- 4 oz. rotisserie chicken
- 1/2 cup brown rice
- 2 oz. broccoli
- ~1 tablespoon butter
- 500mg metformin

1 Hour: 221
2 Hour: 221

Meal #3

- 1/4 lb ground meat
- 3 oz. broccoli
- 3 oz. green beans
- 1 tablespoon olive oil
- 5 tomatoe wedges
- 2 oz. salad mix
- 1 small banana

1 Hour: 286
2 Hour: 318(5 units of novalin)

Meal #4

- ~2 cups Panera Broc/Cheddar Soup
- 4 thin slices proscuitto
- 1 piece Ezekial Bread
- 1 pat butter

1 Hour: 224
2 Hour: 235

Meal #5

- 3 egg omelet
- 1 oz. mexican cheese blend
- 1 tablesppon olive oil
- 1 teaspoon bacon fat
- 2 oz. beef jerkey

1 Hour: 239
2 Hour: 247(followed by 500mg metformin & 15 units lantus)

Daily Totals: 3500 kcals
  • Fat: 266g
  • Carb: 117g
  • Protein: 168g


  1. Thanks for giving it a shot Russell. You are a trooper. Let me know if you ever get confirmation of having low basal insulin levels. I'll continue to follow closely. I would really be interested in seeing 2 days worth of numbers on a carb-only diet similar to the "nutritarian" approach that I wrote about in 180 Diabetes. That will be the best confirmation of insulin deficiency being the root of the problem as opposed to insulin resistance, which is what I intend HED to effectively improve.

  2. My pleasure. I really think you are on to something in terms of insulin resistance. I'll be sure to follow up regarding the basal insulin levels. Depending on how much numbers go the rest of the week, I may try doing a carb-only weekend for science's sake. THink I may still try to not train the rest of the month; not sure how possibly being insulin deficient changes things in that regard. I will be continuing to follow 180 closely for all of the great content you continue to provide there; and I may have to stop in town sometime for one of those Lark Burgers that everyone is talking about! If you ever head out this way let me know. Keep up the great work.....