Saturday, January 9, 2010

OOPS! and Today's Numbers......

Being new to this insulin thing, I realized after I went to bed last night that the lantus pen I have been using was actually empty last night. So I did not inject 10 units of lantus last night, I simply impaled myself for no particular reason. Additionally, that means the night before I injected 10 units before bed, not 15. I will go back and edit the previous posts. I also only got around to using 5 units of novalin-r yesterday, while had been using 10-15 units throughout the day. With that out of they way....

Morning Temp: 97.7

Fasting Glucose: 275

Meal #1

- 10 oz. rotisserie chicken
- 2 pieces Ezekial Bread
- 2 pats butter
- 2 Coleman hotdogs
- 500mg metformin

1 Hour Reading: 338 (followed by 5 units novalin-r)

Meal #2

- 8 oz. chicken breast
- 1 oz. provolone cheese
- 2 oz. mixed salad greens
- 7 oz. green string beans
- 2 cups Panera Broc/Cheddar soup
- 1 Tablespoon organic peanut butter
- 1 Tablespoon olive oil
- 2 pieces Ezekial Bread
- 3 pats butter
- 500mg metformin

1 Hour Reading: 254 (followed by 5 units novalin-r)

After getting some feedback from Matt, I will be making an even more concentrated effort to lower my protein consumption and further increase unrefined carbohydrate intake. Off to the store to stock up....

Meal #3

- 4 oz. rotisserie chicken
- 1 large baked potatoe
- 1 ear corn on cob
- 1 piece Ezekial Cinn/Raisin Bread
- 1/2 cup Pan Broc/Cheddar Soup
- 5 pats butter

1 Hour Reading: 344
2 Hour Reading: 430 (followed by 5 units novalin-r)

Daily Totals: 3700 kcal

Fat: 202g
Carb: 232g
Protein: 236g


  1. You're right to suspect that your protein level is too high. While I don't recommend restricting protein intake, you'd be better off keeping it to 100 grams per day roughly. You can see the huge spike after the protein bars, and protein is part of that equation. I would highly suggest eating about 4 times the amount of carbohydrate that you're currently eating as well and plenty of vegetables. Eating high-fat, high-protein, low-carb will not be enough to achieve healing. It upholds insulin resistance.

    What you need now, especially after going really low-carb for a long time, is lots and lots of carbs. The more the better assuming they are starchy and come from whole food sources. Ezekiel bread is only 15 grams per slice if I recall.

    Think of it this way: refined carbs cause disease - unrefined carbs are the antidote. Hit 100 grams per meal with only a few ounces of animal protein and you'll see a difference right away. Those numbers have got to come down. Looks like fasting levels were dropping until this morning. Let's resume that trend.

    You are a confirmed type 2 right?

  2. I ask because if you are producing insufficient insulin, you basically have type 1 diabetes, and the recommendations for that change. Just don't want you to harm yourself if resistance to insulin isn't the root of your problem. That's what the HED targets in hopes of reversing. It does not deal with pancreatic insufficiency, and may be unsuitable for that.

  3. I will be making an effort to increase carbohydrate intake and lower protein consumption. This will be a very large shift from how I have ate off and on the last 3 years. It's also a function of those are simply the foods still laying around the house; a trip to Costco is in the plans for today. If you can believe it, even at the numbers you are seeing, my carb intake is at least double what it was before; and in some cases triple! But in my effort to overfeed my other marconutrients have risen as well. My protein intake is currently around 100g/day more than it was before. On a side note I have eaten just one bar by itself and repeatedly had my numbers drop approximately 30 points 1 hour post prandial. I didn't always test 2 hours after, but the one time I recall doing that it went back up the second hour considerably.

    After eating low-carb for so long it will just take some "rediscovery" of large sources of carbohydrates. Potatoes I am sure are a good start. Your thoughts on whole wheat pasta? I bought your whole 09 collection so I am sure I will find some answers in the 180 kitchen when I get around to it.

    You are correct about the Ezekial bread, I have increased from 1 piece/day to 2-4.

    Seeing as my blood sugar issues were not discovered until I was 28 or so, both my doctor and I have assumed I am type II. I just had another round of blood work done on Monday that I am awaiting the results on. Insulin was one of the additional tests not done on previous labs; along with T3,T4, and blood cortisol. They will all be reported here in comparison to all of my previous labs.

  4. Good. If your fasting insulin levels are not higher than normal, then overfeeding probably isn't the route to take because insulin resistance is not the core problem. These numbers are extremely high and very concerning - especially with 2-hour postprandials higher than the 1-hour postprandials. What are your normal fasting and postprandial levels on your normal diet? Speaking of which, the best monitor as to whether or not healing is occurring will be how your numbers are when you return to normal meals like you ate prior to the experiment.

  5. When I was eating low-carb and not taking anything but 1000mg of metformin/day, I would say my fasting glucose numbers were between 275-325. There were maybe 2 exceptions to that. I had a 239 once, and I remember a 168 once. Completely random. And my numbers were quite similar whether I was taking the metformin or not, at least for the short amount of time I tried it. During the day I don't believe I saw anything less than the 240's.

    As I mentioned there would a few occasions where I might have been reading say, 330 before eating one of those bars, then my 1 hour would be in the 290's. When I would weight train my numbers would go up even if I didn't eat anything. And I definately have gluconeogenesis going on at night. Plenty of times in the past were I would be under 100 before bed and wake up at 160 or more.

    When this first creeped up 3 years ago restricting to 100-150g of carb's/day worked in about 3 days without any medication. I could even eat something like ice cream and all I had to do was take a little walk afterwords and I was fine. That worked for about a year. Then I got a little complacent probably, and have not been able to recover since; with the exception for a 2 week period or so where I increased to 1500mg of metformin for the day, at that point I was reading between 100-120 in the morning.