Friday, January 8, 2010

Finally! The ROCK has come back........

Wait...wrong site. Sorry 'bout that.

But I AM back...back with renewed vigor in an effort to lay the proverbial smack down on diabetes. Why, you ask?

Well, after becoming thoroughly frustrated with the combined results(or lack thereof) of eating less than 100g carb's/day, taking 1000mg of metformin/day, and frequent exercise(SPIKING and not lowering blood sugar levels); I was obviously looking for solutions the modern medical community was simply not providing. New Year's Day my wishes came true as Matt Stone of 180 Degree Health finally released his 180 Degree Diabetes e-book. What a read! Great information and a highly recommended read not only to those effected and afflicted by diabetes; but anyone concerned and/or charged with improving the health of us homo sapiens. That means you medical community and health & fitness practitioners!

A lot of what Matt discusses and recommends goes against the grain; in fact in most cases it's the downright antithesis of current medical recommendations. But seeing as those current reccomendations are doing oh......... about nothing for me( or anyone else for that matter if the staggering increase in diabetes is any evidence); I'm more than ready to try something new. After all, one definition of insanity is repeating the same things over and again and expecting different results.

So I have slowly begun implementing a few of Matt's ideas like the High Everything Diet(HED). Now I say slowly as a still have a small amount of fruit around the house to finish(harmful effects of fructose). I also have had a hard time averaging over 3500kcal/day. I probably eat more protein than I should be as well; though I am not sure how large of an effect that would have(..Matt?). I also probably need to drop the 2 protein supplements I use from Biotest, the Low-Carb Metabolic Drive Protein Mix and Metabolic Drive Protein Bars. The only other recommendation I will have difficulty with is eliminating exercise. Weight training has been a large part of my life ever since my freshmen year of college(umm..Tupac Shakur was still alive and that's all I'm saying!); a large reduction in volume and frequency may have to do for now. I have been aware of the negative effects of long distance running and the like for some time now, and have already eliminated such activities years ago.

I will be charting my daily progress and experiences with this new regimen here for all to see and deconstruct in an effort to help all.

And so starts the very humble beginnings of this blog....

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