Monday, January 11, 2010

Lab Results(incomplete).....UPDATED

* Updated with the set of labs from May of 2009. Have to do some digging for the previous 2; though I can tell you the second of those would be picture perfect as is correlates to the time frame where I was under control sans medication. The other lab immediately followed my initial discovery of my blood sugar issues, and would be fairly poor. I remember my fasting glucose was 300 or so(303?); and triglycerides I recall being very high as well. Will do my best to locate those for sake of further comparison.

*Interesting to note the AST and ALT numbers were the best on what otherwise is one of my worst labs to date.

The nurse just ran out my labs for me, but they are incomplete as far as I can tell. This isn't the usual print out I get, but I don't see T3, T4, and most importantly insulin on here. I will have to touch base and get some clarification. I just have the last two rounds of labs on me to compare for now.

Glucose: 246/305/299

Blood Urea Nit.: 21/31/24

Cholesterol: 322/333/227

HDL: 64/51/56

LDL: 238/229/150

Ratio: 5/6.5 /4.1

Triglyceride: 102/263/106
A1C: 12%/11.3%/9.9%

Aspartate Amin(AST): 48/21/68

Alanine Amino (ALT): 76/33/160
Cortisol: 17.7/-

TSH: 1.29/-

I'll report my observations later today; feel free to chime in.

A couple quick observations:

  • was interesting to see A1C got worse(despite eating fewer and fewer carbs), yet triglycerides improved dramatically; and cholesterol improved at least in ratio.
  • hepatic function worse as seen by the increase of AST and ALT; not sure if decreasing protein intake will have any effect on this? or the decrease in exercise intensity/volume?
  • TSH seems on the low side; will have to investigate possible pituitary/adrenal issues. Not familiar with what a "good" blood cortisol level would be, will have to research.
  • Cortisol range is 5-23 according to WebMD, which would put me in mid-upper end of the range. Being that cortisol counteracts insulin, and that cortisol is typically highest in the morning and falls throughout the day; I may look to ingest fat/protein only meals at breakfast and concentrate carb intake in the mid-latter part of the day. Interesting to note that would be the opposite of the guidelines of nutrient timing I followed from Dr. John Berardi 3 years ago when I first had success in having control sans medicine. Considerations on timing of insulin injections and training times should also be evaluated in a similar manner. Manipulating circadian rhythm by adopting an early to bed/early to rise protocol may be of some interest as well. Obviously not a cure, but I also need to be a bit smarter and not run so high all the time so I can actually stay alive long enough to figure this all out!


  1. So numbers on the left side are the most recent ones from 1/4/10?

    If so, there are at least some signs of improvement. If not, damn.

  2. Yes. Sorry about the readability. I just tried to changed it to it was more pleasing to the eye. Hopefully it makes more sense now. Not quite sure the best way to post data like that?

    But yes, some signs of improvement. With the exception of heptic function, not good. That gluconeogenesis is a bitch. Went from 161 to 246 on 1/4 in 2-2.5 hours without eating anything(fasting until the nurse got there). And on 11/9 it went from 232 to 305 in the same time frame. I should also note the most recent labs were taken 2 days upon starting insulin. I believe At that point I had only inject 5 units of novalin and 30 units of lantus total prior. So shouldn't have made much difference. Was glad to see the large drop in triglycerides again. Couldn't fathom why they were so high on the previous labs. Cholesterol ratio is better; but still high over all. The journey continues....