Thursday, January 14, 2010

Today's Numbers...

Temp: 97.5
Glucose: 236

So not much difference(-8 pts.) in fasted levels this morning after my little experiment yesterday, despite eating esssentially the exact same meals. The only notable differences, if at all, is that there was a 3 hour window before last night's meal in question yesterday; as opposed to 2 hours the day before. I got a little less sleep last night as well, but only about an hour. I also did not have the 1 oz serving of milk chocolate with the meal either; I finished the last piece the day before.

Comparing the response to the meal itself as compared to the last prior post-prandial readings:

- 144 point spike when training as compared to 64 point spike when not training.

Meal #1:

- 5 sausage patties
- 5 units novalin

1 Hour: 247 (strange that it goes up today?)
2 Hour: 219

Meal #2(immediately followed by ~30 min. training session)

- 4 oz. marinated chicken breast
- 1 large baked potatoe
- 10 large asparagus spears
- 3 pats butter
- 1 Tablespoon olive oil

1 Hour: 368(another 140ish point spike post workout)
2 Hour: 315

A few observations after this meal:

  • still hungry or experiencing cravings
  • unrination seemed to increase substantially even considering the raised glucose levels
  • cheeks are flush

I have noticed on occasion the past few weeks my ears were a bit flush after some meals as well.

Due to not realizing I didn't bring enough strips with me to work; I decided to make this next meal a doozy to hold me over until I get home...

Meal #3

- 4 oz rotisserie chicken

- 2 pieces Ezekial Cinn/Raisin Bread

- 8 oz green beans

- 1 large baked potatoe

- ~16 oz baked red potatoes

- 5 pats butter

- 2 oz salad mix

- 4 tomtatoe wedges

- 1 Tablespoon olive oil

- 1 Tablespoon Basalmic Vinegar

- 5 units novalin-r

1 Hour: 238 (interesting again; definately flush in the face and ears again; and feeling quite warm overall; was expecting it to be higher but I will take it for now)

2 Hour: 300 (now that's more like it! Note: sarcasm. Even still, both of these readings are lower than for the previous meal; even though I ingested double the calories here.)

Random Test 5 Hours Later: 300

Meal #4

- 2 pieces Ezekial Cinn/Raisin Bread

- 2 pats butter

- 18 large asparagus spears

- 1 Tablespoon olive oil

- 1 1/2 cups coconut milk

- 500mg metformin

1 Hour: 272

2 Hour: 300(followed by 500mg metformin and 15 units lantus)

Daily Totals: 4030 kcals

  • Fat: 248g
  • Carb: 321g
  • Protein: 133g

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