Friday, February 26, 2010

Is it IN you?

Gatorade drops Tiger Woods - Yahoo

Ya know...I really think Gatorade is making a mistake here. Follow me.

One just need look at how Gatorade fueled his performance in all of those ummm....extra-cirricular activities! Any guy would kill for a motor like that, right? Didn't these people go to marketing school? Sex sells people!

That's a more ringing endorsement of Gatorades' effectivness than say.... the effects on walking through a nice park holding a stick(golf); or that guy at your local gym claiming he needs it to "replenish his electrolytes bro" after his exhausting run through your typical Cybex circuit and jaunt on the hamster....errr, I mean treadmill right? Right?

But I digress.

The sooner people realize that Gatorade was not designed for their 'intense' workout at Bally's, the sooner they might actually see progress towards their fitness and health goals.

Put the sugar water down folks; you aren't doing anything to warrant it.

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