Sunday, February 28, 2010 XFINITY and beyond - frustration that is....

Today's post is essentially a rant - otherwise eloquently known as bitching - so if that's not your cup of tea you have been forewarned.

So recently there has been quite the uproar at the fitness facility where I work over the cable TV situation. Totally logical that peoples first and/or largest concern at their gym is whether or not they can watch TV, I know.

Essentially, Comcast decided to 'upgrade' their system without thinking how it would affect their customers and establishing a sufficient technical support staff - you know, business as usual. Therefore for almost 2 weeks we have not had our full allotment of channels available for viewing because it took that long for them to BEGIN technical support for a business account - once again business as usual for Comcast. Deporable business model and customer service, I agree and understand - as I dropped them years ago and never looked back - but.....

And I know I shouldn't be, but I am really amazed at how severely this has turned people's worlds up-side-down. I think I may have even seen a person or two bag their 'workout' for the day because they couldn't watch TV while performing what they refer to as 'cardio'.


You don't think you being induced into a Comcast coma for hours on end in your couch/bed/office is part of the reason you feel the need to come to a gym in the first place? Or is it that your wife/kids/job annoy you so much you just have had to find a new place to piecefully enjoy the latest Sportscenter marathon?

Quite frankly, I'm not sure which of those two purposes your average fitness facility provides these days.

It's been years since I have used a commerical gym - I train at my home these days - but I just never understood the need for TV's there when I did. NEVER once did I have the desire to use one. Or typical 'cardio' equipment for that matter, but that can be a whole 'nother post all in of itself!

Run in place? Do I look like a hamster?

Pedaling furiously on a bike to no where? Ludacris.

Nothing against biking - I bike to work when the weather permits - but it's a real one with TWO wheels. The point is it had a PURPOSE; to get to my destination. Saving on gas and outrageous parking costs doesn't hurt either!

But I went to the gym to TRAIN, not WORKOUT. Take a moment to think about the difference.

Why do you need a TV to get through your 'workout'? Why not focus more on what you are doing and be entertained by bettering your previous efforts? Be entertained by FINALLY seeing changes after 5 years of looking and feeling the same; if not worse? Why not switch things up and get out of your comfort zone?

Take the opportunity to get some QUALITY* instruction on some body weight exercises - or even those scary free-weights. You know, something where the first step is not to sit down.

Learn from that same instruction that you can actually spend LESS time in the gym; and get MORE RESULTS.

Learn a NEW sport. You know, something you could do with a friend/spouse that is actually sustainable - with a PURPOSE that isn't chock full of monotonous boredom.

Take the opportunity to ask a QUALIFIED** professional for guidance on how to eat healthier. Just be sure to ask them if they believe in the lipid hypothesis first as a quack-meter!***

Stop SPENDING your time....

And start INVESTING it!

*Probably NOT the buff-est/fittest looking person on the staff more often than not. Watch them train other people, you can usually tell the ones that are actually paying attention - not just clipboard jockeys.

** Yes I know these people are extremely hard to find; but you certainly aren't going to find them watching Nancy Grace.

*** The correct answer is: "Buwahahahaha! No child, you are safe with me." Or something like that.

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