Saturday, February 27, 2010

Today's Numbers....

Temp: 97.5
Glucose: 103

Meal #1

- 5 sausage patties
- 16 oz. green beans
- 1 T butter
- 2 slices proscuitto
- 2 units novalin

1 Hour: 145

Meal #2

- 14 oz. chicken
- 20 oz. broccoli
- 7 oz. sauteed onion
- 3.5 oz. tomato
- 2 T butter
- 1 T olive oil
- 7 asparagus spears
- 6 oz. baked red potatoes
- 2 oz. pickles
- 2 units novalin

1 Hour: 134

Totals: 2700 kcals
  • Fat: 182g
  • Carb: 128g
  • Protein: 159g


  1. I read your comments on 180 Degree Health blog. I like the way you think ;-) I too am diabetic (type 2) with low temps indicating a shot out metabolism. I'll be watching your blog with interest. I agree, most nutritionists, even the "good" ones get it wrong. I was told to go low carb and no-grain. It made me worse.

  2. Thank you for the kind words ;)

    Yeah my blood sugar issues creeped up about 3 years ago or so; and low-carb worked initially but eventually faltered like you are experiencing.

    Due to my age my doc and I both assumed I was Type II, but it appears I don't have much issue with sensitivity; I typically only require about 2 units with a meal; I quit taking metformin even. Technically not confirmed Type I yet, but it seems so.

    I seem to have had some great success lately doing 2 things:

    - I try to get at least 12 hours before my last meal of the day and the next mornings breakfast.

    - Along the same lines, I got away from eating every ~3 or so like we have been recommending in the fitness world for years now. I now shoot for 3 meals a day; which spaces them out more like 5-6 hours apart.

    There was a nice post on magnesium deficiency as it related to insulin sensitivity over at Whole Health Source that was timely as well; as I have been trying hard to overshoot the RDA on magnesium and maganese - as well as get as much natural chromium in with tomatoes and onions.

    I'm sure you have tried it all but....

    Thanks for stopping by! Though I doubt I could ever produce the quality of material Matt does, I do hope to start getting more content on here besides what I eat everyday...kinda boring!

  3. Not boring at all! It's nice to know there are folks like you out there who are fighting the good fight trying to get to the bottom of all this nutritionally. I just started taking the supplements Matt suggested in his diabetes ebook. A magnesium supplement was one of them. After hearing about the heart conditions side effect of Avandia I wanted something safer to go with the insulin rather than a pharmaceutical with dangerous side effects. I'm interested to hear about your actual 12 hour fast between dinner and breaky. Interesting. I have NOT tried everything which is why I'm a seeker. Thanks for the heads up! Blog about anything that works for you. You never know who it might help :-)